About Us 

We're a charismatic and community focused church based at the Bridge Development in north Dartford. The Beacon has been part of the Bridge since its very beginnings in 2008 and continues to grow with this new community. Our values promote an openness to the Holy Spirit, a creative and contemporary life of worship, and a servant heart for our community and town.

Exploring the message of Jesus 

You may want to know more about Jesus, who he is and why his message is so significant. The short video here begins to explain his message of love and why it's so important.

Jesus raises many questions for all of us, and the best way to explore these is through honest and open conversation. At the Beacon Church there are several places you can do this, at the monthly Alpha evenings, at Big Talk, and meeting us at Dartford Park. To find out when one of these events is happening check out the events calendar below.


National Prayer Weekend


Have you asked your neighbour if they need prayer today … this week … this year? On 25 – 27 September 2015 CWR is holding a national weekend of prayer, and as part of this initiative the Beacon will be having two prayer evenings to prayer for our neighbours, The Bridge community, and our town. […]

European School of Supernatural Life…


Three of us began the year long School of Supernatural Life at the East Gate Church based in Northfleet. We expect to see God at work in and through us as we learn how to surrender to and work with the Holy Spirit. The night was full of surprises, not least worship without projected words, […]

Bethany’s Thanksgiving


This Sunday was a special occasion, we had Amy and Ross, Caleb and Bethany with us… back from All Nations Bible College. We blessed and gave thanks for Bethany and also prayed for them as a family as they leave us to follow God’s call on their live to serve him in Dorset. They will […]

No.3 Coffee House 

The Beacon Church runs a community coffee shop on the Bridge Development called No.3 Coffee House. Our vision for the Coffee House is that it becomes a hub for the community, a place for groups to meet, and where good conversation happens.

Over the course of the year we will be running the Alpha Course, holding various prayer events (including Prayer for Healing), and gathering for Connect Groups at the Coffee House.

For more details about the Coffee House and to see opening times, map, and menu visit our Facebook Page